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Chaoyang (Chinese: 朝阳) is a prefecture-level city of Liaoning province, People's Republic of China.

With a vast land area of almost 20,000 square kilometres (7,700 sq mi), it is by area the largest prefecture-level city in Liaoning, and borders on Hebei province and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the west.

The area under Chaoyang's jurisdictional control is split up into two counties (Jianping, Chaoyang), two urban districts (Longcheng, Shuangta), two county-level cities (Beipiao, Lingyuan), and the Harqin Left Wing Mongolian Autonomous County. The total regional population is 3 million, while the urban centre where the government office is located has a population of 430,000 and forms the core of Chaoyang.

Known as China's 'fossil city', many important paleontological discoveries have been made in Chaoyang, and the Harqin region is the oldest currently known prehistoric site in northern China. Two of the most remarkable Early Cretaceous birds known to date were recovered in the vicinity of the Jiufotang Formation rocks and named Longipteryx chaoyangensis and Sapeornis chaoyangensis in reference to the city.

Chaoyang and its Beauties


ChaoYang (Rising Sun) Park first opened in 1984 and covering an area of some 320 hectares (3km by 1.5km) between the east third and fourth Ring Roads, it is larger than the Summer Palace and, indeed, is the largest park in the city.

Chaoyang Park

Asia China, Beijing, Chaoyang Park, The spring landscape, lake view,Center island Theatre. 

Park Plaza

Architects: MAD Architects.
Area: 223,009 m2
Completed in 2017 in Beijing, China. Images by Hufton+Crow.
Positioned on the southern edge of Beijing’s Chaoyang Park ─ the largest remaining park in Beijing’s central business district area ─ the 220,000 sqm complex includes 10 buildings which unfold as a classic Shanshui painting on an urban scale. Having a similar position and function as Central Park in Manhattan, but unlike the modern box-like buildings that only create a separation between the park and the city, “Chaoyang Park Plaza” instead is an expansion of nature. It is an extension of the park into the city, naturalizing the CBD’s strong artificial skyline, borrowing scenery from a distant landscape ─ a classical approach to Chinese garden architecture, where nature and architecture blend into one another.

Liao Dynasty 

The Liao Dynasty is well known for its brick pagodas that became a symbol of Qidan imperial power in Asia. There are four types of Buddhist brick pagodas that can be attributed to the Liao Dynasty; an octagonal plan and a three stage elevation are the two particular characteristics that can distinguish a pagoda as being Liao. The three elevation stages are: the base, the shaft and the crown. 


The Chinese are world famous for their skills in acrobatics and balancing.

Chaoyang ParkBeijing

Chaoyang ParkBeijing Chaoyang Park ,premium location in the middle of Chaoyang District of Beijing, and occupies an area of 320 hectares from Liangmahe Road in the North to South Road of Chaoyang Park in the South, from the east section of Fourth.
Ring to Chaoyang Park road. It is 2.8 kilometers in long from the south end to the north end, and 1.5 kilometers in wide. As the largest planed City Park in Beijing, its lake area reaches to 67 hectares, and the green land occupies 75 percent. It is the largest one than any other built parks in Beijing, started to build in 1984.  

Chaoyang Peak

Chaoyang Peak Area abutting the southern and western gates of Beijing's largest public park are now among the preferred places to see and be seen.
For a surreal moment, cry Latinos. Just to the left of Chaoyang Park's south gate. This club features a six-piece Colombian band playing live nightly, along with numerous diplomas and staff from Latin and Central American nations, as well as everyone else from around the globe and the globe who likes to parry. Do not go before 10.30 in the evening. Things get started late and keep going until the curly morning. The mix of people here is unlike anything one will see this side of Tokyo.
On the west side of the park, highly stylized and very, very cool, is the World of Suzie Wong, which may have more in common with the eponymous Richard Mason novel than anyone wants to acknowledge. As one place melamine put it "get there early to put your feet up on the Ming Dynasty bed."
Souk is a great place to chill out, listen to music and sample Micelle Eastern cuisine, including kebabs and humus. 2 Koalas, Beijing's newest Punk Bar, has cheap drinks and a roomy outdoor seating area. The Big Easy, serving New Orleans food and live music, is at the south gate of Chaoyang Park.

Cai Yi Xuan

Accomplished Cantonese cuisine in Beijing.

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